About Us

Shoe Crawl is for women who are passionate about shoes. (And which woman isn't?) It's for women who are smart about money and are not afraid to admit it. (And who isn't, given the economy?) But don't worry; nobody will be able to tell you got your shoes on sale because you're guaranteed to look like a million bucks.

What is Shoe Crawl? Ever heard of a pub crawl? Well it's the same concept (minus the alcohol). Each week, we'll send you on a Shoe Crawl by bringing you listings of the best shoe sales in New York City—shoes that we came across in a store (or online) and the price was so great, we just had to share.

So what makes us shoe experts? Simply being women. (Ok, and spending practically every weekend looking for shoe bargains.)

But we also want to hear from the other experts. Yes, ladies we're talking to you! If you come across a great bargain, please snap a picture and share, or add it to our listing.

Remember: it's not the price that makes the shoe, it's how good you look wearing it. So happy shopping!